viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Our HRC finished!

Last friday, we went to the Hard Rock Cafe of Puerto Banús, to show our project already finished to a board directors, conposed by some teachers friends of teacher Diego and the employers of the cafe.
We made our presentation in a web page called Prezzi, with some incredibles special efects. 

You can see the presentation making click on the link below:

We talked one group by one, explaining and talking about our personal HRC, and replaying the questions of the board of directors.
After we all finished, a member from the board of directors took some of us to make a small interview about the making of the project.

The people from the local were very kind with us, and they invited us to some ''nachos'' (it was DELICIOUS!) and they gave us a little present from Hard Rock Cafe: a necklace to hang the keys, the mobile phone...whatever you want :)

After all of this, we went to the shopping center ''La Cañada'', where we had lunch.

It has been a great experience!

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