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Bank of Common Knowledge

<< Everybody loves something, and wants to learn about it.
And everybody knows something very good and can show it to other people. >>

That's the purpose of this activity: learn and teach without pay, and helping to other people that need it.

I've chosen the dance to learn it, and I can teach someone to sing.

Here is the document where you can find tricks, exercises and a lot of things that you didn't know before about the voice and the choral cords.


I hope it helped you!

Scotland...were you waiting us?

As you know, this year we do a studies trip to Italy.
But there are some people that can't go to this country...and that's why we have organized a virtual trip to Scotland!

So, my team is the Team 7, composed by Carmen M. and me.
The rest of the groups are made of 4 people, but we wanted to do it alone.
Then, we had to repart the 4 titles (guide, teacher, travel agent and catering) into us.
So Carmen was the Catering and the Travel Agent, and I was the Guide and the Teacher.

I know it's difficult, but we did it!


We organized it into a:

-> Travel Agent: he has to look for flights to depart and to come back, and if we have to move in Scotland, he has to prepare the buses and cars. He compares prices, advantages, companies...and so on.

-> Catering: it has to choose the places where, what and when we are going to eat, and, of course, calculates the prices of each day.

-> Guide: it chooses the places we're gonna visit and when. It has to calculate prices, and to look for a guide to explain each monument or place. It has to check the schedule and the age to visit that.

-> Teacher: it has to support the guide by explaining some things, of the places. Also, he has to prepare vocabulary for each situation (like when they are in the airport), and some exercises about the things they have seen.

-My trip-

In the trip that Carmen and me have organized, we visit a lot of places.

In Glasgow, the first city that we visit, we see a lot of places, like the cathedral or the Science Centre. Once there, we ate a lot of new food, typical scottish food as colcannon and black bun.

When we arrive in Edinburgh we visit a lot of places: Calton Hill, Princess Street, the Edinburgh Castle...and, of course, we go shopping!!

Here is the link to see all our work:


Reading all day ~

This is the book I've chosen for the 1st term.

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jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

Laura's interview ~

The 28th September we had the pleasure of having here, at the school, Jade's mum: Laura Sims.
She told us a lot of things about her past, her present and her dreams.

She had a very interesting past.
She were born in England, in a very old village, with beautiful buildings and an amazing cathedral.
But there, the school was a little...violent, and she came to Spain looking for calm and peace to live with her little girl, 12 years ago.
She lived first in Mallorca, and she stayed there during 2 years, and then they (Laura and Jade) came to Motril.
Now they live outside Motril, in Puntalon, in a type of farmhouse, with 2 bedrooms and a very big garden.

Laura has always loved fishing and sailing.
When she was little, she learnt to sail with her father's boat. The ship was made of a very old wood; from the 19th century!

Also, she loves painting, reading, and care their pets and her garden.
They have 6 dogs in their house!

She leaved the studies when she was younger, and that's why she has worked as a builder.
Now, she is working as a secundary English teacher, because she get back to the University and finished an English Career.

One of her surprising things is that she prefers Spain to England, her natal country.
She loves spanish food, and she affirms that she does an excelent paella :P
Laura likes so much Almodovar movies, and she likes to read, although she prefers to read in her born language that in spanish.

So, I think it is enough to you to know a little about Laura's life.

I leave the rest of the story to you !