miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

What about me?

Hi! I am Lucía, and I'm gonna talk a little about me.

So, I am 15, and I have a sister called Isabel Mª. My father, Juan, is very talkative and fun, he's always joking. My mother's name is Isabel, and she is very stressed the most part of the time.

She's a Primary teacher, and she loves children.
By the opposite, I don't like them. I prefer to be listening to music than to be watching kids all around me, jumping and crying.

Other of my hobbies are to sing and dance, I love music in all its ways. 

That's why I study at the Official Music School, playing the flute and the piano.

In the future, I would love to be a famous singer, like Christina Aguilera, my idol. I imagine me singing, dancing and playing in a scene, and I get crazy. (:

On the other hand, I love to do sport. I am in a Waterpolo team, and I go to train over 3 days at week. I swim more than two thousands meters at hour! 

Another sport that I love is gymnastics. I am very flexible, and I'm good at that. But I have a lot of things to do and I don't have enough time for all.
So, I do a lot of sport, and that's why I have to eat more. I like Italian and Chinese food, but, of  course, if I would have to choose one, I would choose my mother's food.

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  1. Thanks, Lucía. Good job.
    If you want to revise your text, you can make some corrections like:
    "always is joking" ---> He's always joking
    "I love music in all its ways" --> I love all types of music
    Anyway they are minor mistakes and the text is fine!
    Go on like this
    (Don't forget to include a gadget to allow people follow your blog!!)